An Average Priced White Card Course in QLD


QLD – Keys Human Resources

Price: $55

White Card Online Course for QLD


PRICE – $55

Our White Card course is set out in an easy to understand way. Developed with real life experiences in the construction industry, our construction induction course addresses relevant every day scenarios faced in our workplaces such as effective risk management strategies and common hazards on construction sites. Courses can be completed in under one day however you can complete your training over a period of up to sixty days with unlimited logins if you wish. Course material is broken into four parts with a short multiple choice quiz at the end of each part. If you are having any difficulties with the course material we have qualified trainers ready to assist you via our online help features.

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  • G.Leskys says:

    I paid $55.00 and started to do your White card course on line. I read and completed the first 26 pages clicked to complete the first questionnaireand got a message the paige is under repair.Can you please tell when i can complete this course Thank you George

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